When I Do These Kinds of Things, I think of Devo

No its true, different versions of their “Whip It!” song flow through my head when I’m reconning sweaters… it makes it more fun. “When you’re too cheap to buy yarn….. You must Rip it!”

So a bit back I posted that I bought some sweaters for reconning. After a few hours of inhaling balls of fluff from badly washed sweaters I have two lovely balls of yarn waiting for something to do. Here you go:
This would be from the sweater that I mentioned Tj rubbing his face all over. After taking it apart into its seperate pieces for unraveling, I didn’t have the complete heart to make the little bugger wait until I knitted something up. So, I gave in to his cute green eyes and puffy cheeks just waiting for a rubbing and gave him a sleeve. He sleeps with that sleeve. Yes, I am a bad mom for taking a shortcut, sue me. The white thing there is the tag so i can rememember what its made of and have the washing directions available. I usually loop them and thread the yarn through them and just knit that way so I never lose it. The colors in the pic are pretty much true to life, its a rayon acrylic mix. I think I was lured in by the softness of it rather than the colors- just so you don’t think me style impaired.

The second yarn is a magic 8 ball yarn, since the sweater was striped. I didn’t even notice until I ripped out the tag that it was 100%merino wool. Yay me! I think the reason that the sweater was at Goodwill to start with was because the previous owner may have accidently felted it a bit, or just shrunk it a bit. It was weird pulling the stitches on this yarn because you had to tug. In any case, its soooo soft in pretty colors. I may knit me some mittens from this, and they won’t match each other since on the sweater none of the stripes were the same width ever. That should prove fun though.

So except for an agitated nose from wool fibres being flung into the blue by the unraveling, and the little balls of yarn all over my floor- I think I did a good job. So for Sweater Recon Jobs #3 and #4 I give it a success!



  1. Severina said,

    December 11, 2005 at 8:12 pm

    Heh! I though I was the only person insane enought to buy Goodwill sweaters & unravel ’em…

  2. Stephieface said,

    December 14, 2005 at 1:11 pm

    Indeed not! 😀

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