My Big Fat Greek Redneck Wedding

Ah ha! I have returned! This week has begun on a triymphant beginning. Organization like mad for one thing and the best thing of all…..

The new working fridge!!

I cannot express my overwhelming delight of finally having a new working fridge that I won’t have to live out of the freezer for. Don’t get me wrong, old Avacado Green Machine did its duty for as long as it could until it ultimately couldn’t hold to the demands a Conley family requires. I hope that the Don’s Appliance place can fix it up and sell it to another family that it will serve as well as it did us. As well, Don and his assistant (who’s name I cannot recall) were the absoloute nicest of people I have met carrying something huge and bulky into my home, and not just because they were carrying something huge and bulky into my home. Now, I just have to buy food to go into it.

In other news, the Stephieface clan has returned home from a weekend abroad. We traveled to my home state of Virginia to attend the wedding of my cousin Peggy. Initially I went into this whole thing believing it would be just another down home affair as I have seen in the past from my family. For example my sister was married in a church (pretty bland there) but drove from church to reception in a Confederate Flag donning Monster Truck that required her to climb a ladder to board. The reception found us in the backyard of her new husband’s parents’ home where we were served a higher class of buffet than the family is used to, all the while sernaded endlessly by an assortment of country music CDs blaring in the stereo.
However, this weas not to be the case of my cousin Peggy. First we were able to force most of the men folk into tuxes. I have to say that even my mullet sporting cousin Ricky looked particularly suave in the thing, not to mention my Uncle Jimmy. To interject some knitting stuff which is why I started this blog to begin with… I worked on a small Prayer Shawl pattern scarf in the van while waiting.
Anywho, the wedding was held at a Greek Orthodox Church in DC, which was an instant change from the small churches of Warrington and Reston that we usually do these things in (one cousin did hers in a hunting lodge). The church was huge (it had an elevator- how classy) and was beautiful and all Old Worldy in the temple. The ceremony was long, which since TJ was being fussy I had to standin the back of the church the whole way through. You could definately tell who belonged to which side of the bridal party, half the church looked down home US while the other half looked exoticly European. Now, this would be my first Greek Orthodox wedding that I’ve seen and it was interesting to say the least. Pretty much everything was sung in a holy manner and there was a portion where the priest chased the bridal party around the altar (or vice versa I wasn’t quite sure) swinging the incensor- which caused some glee with my children.
Afterwards, we drove to a place in Fairfax called The Waterford (I believe) which is now a classy catering place that used to be a movie theatre when I was younger. That was weird, knowing that I’ve watched several bad movies in the very place where my cousin’s wedding reception was now being held. The place was beautiful and the open bar was nothing to scoff at either. I loved the food, but hubby wasn’t to keen on the meditteranean theme they had. The kippers on the lemon chicken threw him, but he did like the salad minus the olives, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts(which basically was just lettuce with some carrots at that point).
The cake was divine. It had several different layers with several different flavors. I watched as one table had some Berry creme white cake pieces, while another had chocolate. I was at the spiced cake table- it was good.
Then there was dancing. Lots and lots of greek dancing. There was even a live greek band singing live greek band songs. It was cool. Hubby thought the music was awesome, but was a bit amazed by the whole dancing without ever touching your partner thing. I wanted to dance so bad, where else could my huge ass and hips actually look good while dancing? I wanted to shake my moneymaker with people built like me for once, even though I’d be the palest person on the dance floor. Sam wanted to dance too, and cried when it was time to go screaming “Dance dance” while longing mournfully for the dance floor… and I know just how he felt.
Coming home I put away the scarf and began knitting armwarmers for my mom since she works at Home Depot and cashiers near the big doors sometimes. I matched them nicely with the horns I knitted her previously so she can have a Devil Cashier ensemble for Halloween. I still have to finish the other glove, I had thought the drive home from VA would allow for a whole set but I was wrong. So I have to hurry and make the other and mail it off before Monday gets here.

Sam’s 3rd birthday is on Saturday and awesomely Stu will be in town to attend his namesake’s minor bash. Now I have to make a non chocolate cake for the boy. Woohoo! With eggs and milk from my new fridge! Yay!


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