Conley Luck + Meade Luck = Most Extreme Elimination Luck

Lately round here in the Stephieface household we’ve been experiencing what I liked to call a bad luck streak extreme- you know cause when you add the word extreme it makes it cooler but more edgier and nervier.
So we’ll start at the beginning, Hubby used to work at this bakery place called Guy’s Place Bakery working as a night shift delivery driver which as most married couples with families will tell you sucks. So one night he shows up at work like always only to arrive there to see that the door is locked and the lights are off. For the next two days Hubby keeps going back in order to work, earn money, and therefor pay our bills for housing and whatnot. It is not until the third day that anyone from the Bakery calls to tell Hubby that the company has gone bankrupt and is closed and not to expect to see money for sometime. Fuckers. So Hubby then spends the remainder of the week looking for a new job so that we may be able to live, eat, and be housed. After a bunch of no answer submissions at places like Home Depot, Walmart, and Giant Eagle- he was ultimately tipped off by our friend Russ who’s dad owns a delivery company that his dad was hiring. Eureka! Finally a spot of good in an otherwise poopy streak right?
So Hubby gets hired (yay) but is getting payed even less than he was at Guy’s (boo) and will not even see a paycheck for at least 3 weeks (wha?). Add to this that we receive notification from the state that Hubby’s child support for eldest boy has not been paid at all, even though it was being taken out of his paycheck. So Guy’s once again has robbed us. Not only have we had to deal with paychecks that bounce and an unexpected loss of work, but now we discover that they’ve been taking Child Support from Hubby’s pay and STEALING it. So now Hubby has to go to court to account why his Child support hasn’t been paid- but at least they’ve summoned the owner of Guy’s as well. Thank goodness we’ve kept Hubby’s paystubs to prove he paid. How can a company be run so ill managedly? His Paychecks bounced all the time- BOUNCED! I mean come on! The last paycheck he actually received from them we waited a week to cash, and after we banked it bounced to which we then we got hit with $300 in bank fees. GAH!

To pass the time I’ve been deciding on new ‘colors’ for my baronial team in ARGO. My tabards were very lame to see the least at the start. Chris though came upon a stroke of genius and looked up the Irish Heraldry for my maiden name -Meade.
So we’re thinking of changing the white to gold and getting rid of the ermine dot thingies in the chevron, then just placing the little shield in the middle of a blue tabard. I think it will look awesome and simple. So the initial plan is to embroider the shield in a medium size and attach that to the tabard.

At the very least its cooler than what I had before most definately.


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