What’s Your Sign Redux

After a few failed tries (mainly due to the kiddos and their questing to unravel fingers) I’ve got most of the chart knitted… here’s my progress so far (again, crappy scan of actual project… I’m so lame). On Dead Disco’s chart the koi have eyes of a different color… I couldn’t decide what to make them so I made them black for the moment. I’m still debating if I’ll color them or at all.
It didn’t measure that big actually, it was severely dwarfed by my scannerbed.

In other news, hubby went off to NERO this weekend, I hope he had alot of fun. You know, not like I wanted to go or anything….. (insert appropriate guilt trip here)

I started playing this thing called Second Life this weekend. Its an online MMORPG (yeegads, I mispeak them in one post and play in another… I’m such a hypocrit) but it differs from WoW in that as far as I can tell so far there is no PvP and is mainly roleplay. You have a totally customizable character as far as looks go, and the options are insane. You can be pretty much anyone or any thing you want- today I participated in a treasure hunt with what appeared to be a spider alien thingy. So if you want to check it out and sign up, let em know I referred you: Kellendia Duport. Mainly I go for the shopping, since spending fake cash is easier on the real life wallet. Don’t worry about the CC# request at sign up… your first account is free, they just need the CC# to insure that you are real, and growed up- they just make it easier to upgrade from the generic free account. Thanks to Heathyr Hoffman for referring me there. Check it out, I’m usually hiding in Elven Glen.


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