Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?

Still lining up the things I have to make for the Christmas season… I can’t forget the most important person on my list- ME! More like than not I’ll be making myself a pack of playing cards cozy or something equally as small… its all a part of my tennet of making things generally smaller than my head.
As I was surfing around Craftster as I am want to do, I found my inspiration in the form of a drop dead gorgeous Hipster Bag from Knitty knitted by Dead Disco (aka Sara). What truly amazed me was the koi chart she created for it which with a little tweaking (tweaking here is meant as turning the fish chart upside down to make two koi going in opposite directions) I was able to create a Piscies chart. Koi Piscies… the thought just sounds cool. So naturally, everything else is being put on hold until I finish the project for me… ah selfishness at its finest. Here is what I’ll be working with:
I hope that Dead Disco does not mind the fact that I did not picture her ready made koi chart. My printer is currently without ink so to achieve the effect I wanted without having to wait for printer ink (Hubby is even more procrastinatastic than I am) I just transferred the chart to graph paper and played with squares until I got the look I wanted with the koi spacing.
Thank you Dead Disco, I’m starting work on this now (now here meaning after I take a shower, go to the store and bring home donuts for me and hubby’s breakfast, then I’ll start).

Koi Piscies is just so classy.


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