Serenity Friday!

Its September 30th, the day I’ve been looking forward to since March. Joss Whedon’s Serenity hits the mass theaters today. So excited! I think I may be a closet Browncoat 🙂
If you’ve been living under a rock and know nothing about this movie its based on Joss Whedon’s sadly too early cancelled TV show “Firefly”. Even now I curse whatever TV execs decided to cancel that show, or I could be watching its campy happy goodness right now. I mean in all seriousness, how many Crime Investigation TV shows do we need in the world? What’s next? Law & Order Traffic Division? CSI: Pasamaquaty? Court TV Small Claims? After watching the DVD set over and over of Firefly, it just made me realize how awesome and witty Joss Whedon is… even after watching countless hours of Buffy and Angel.
The Firefly set was amazing and had never been done in SF TV before. They built the ship… built the ship! So that Mal could walk from the Cargo Hold to the Deck without cutting scenes and you see the rest of the ship go by in the background as he did so. How freaking awesome is that?! That and the casting was fantastic, and the characters were amazing. I loved that the guys were hot in a normal person way instead of the usual too pretty to exist type guys, guys that looked normal and average but in a hot way that maybe you could see yourself knowing them in real life. The ladies were beautiful, all of them, and totally showed the spectrum of loveliness that all women can come in- they weren’t all soap opera models of doom… but real women.
What I guess I’m saying that I hope whatever Exec pulled the plug on the TV show gets a huge ass reaming for letting something like this go without realizing what they had. Millions of Browncoats can’t be wrong.


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